The 3 Ws : The Weight, The Wait,The Weightage.

To all lovely ladies out there, we may be divided by many things in life but what makes us united is our weight woes….. yeah we all know the pain, sailing through the same boat over the years, the constant struggle and pressure to fit a certain criteria and to achieve a certain look, that is one daunting task!

The point is that are we really working to achieve something healthy or are we going overboard with this whole idea of the ideal weight and body, chasing unrealistic goals? The answer to it may vary for each of us. Although none of us will agree to it but most of us are chasing the impossible, always, if u succeed in achieving one thing, you find yourself unhappy with something else and the struggle continues. it is a vicious cycle.

There is a very thin line between actually working to keep yourself healthy & fit and to be in a constant state of dissatisfaction with your body.

Is all the hype about the ideal weight and body image worth your time and effort if it is going to do more harm than good?

It is for you to decide. No one can justify being over/under weight but the point of concern is that among millions of girls out there how many actually have the right focus and direction when it comes to fitness. Are we all really doing what should be done or are we wandering in a wonderland either worrying about weight and doing nothing about it ( I myself get stuck into this wonderland at times, lol) or doing whatever we think is right or whatever comes our way without knowing the harmful effects of such fads and shortcuts. well I guess each of us has a tale of its own.

If you are doing it for staying healthy and fit then YES it is worth it ( in its true sense, not just our perceptions)

Those who qualify the first criteria of having the right information and keeping the direction and focus straight gets tested on the next level of the “wait”. We may be in love with the idea of fitness but then how many of us exhibit the patience and strength required to dedicate our time and energy persistently and wait for the results, majority of us find it cumbersome.  WE WANT IMMEDIATE RESULTS. we lack patience to take gradual steps towards the achievement of our goal. I know it is easier said than done, there are moments when we all feel hopeless and want to give up but we must be ready for the time we will have to wait for the results or else its all a waste.

Here comes the most intrinsic part of this all which is “the weightage”  It is bound to stir up our minds a little. what weightage it all carries in our lives or to be more precise what weightage should we assign to the weight issues in a vast sea called life. what motivates us for it and more importantly what are the underlying issues. Does it take the most of our lives or is it a lifestyle we follow at ease or may be it is a result of some of the deeper issues we are facing in life? Is weight really the issue or is it the social image we are having issues with. Are we doing it to fit in our circle or is it merely a means of ego boost. Is it just us or is it because of the other people involved in our lives or may be we are afraid of the social stigma it brings to us or are there serious health concerns and the list can be endless,

To this there is no perfect answer and right and wrong. the purpose is to really think, Think about it!

it is a well-known quote,

A problem well stated is a problem half solved.

Identification of our intrinsic motivations, underlying issues and situations may help us achieve our results to a greater extent and will definitely help us in living a more meaningful life.

It is important to be aware of whats going around, whats good and whats not but it is essential to be aware of your own self! 

Invest in yourself, Invest wisely! 🙂

~Saneya Vahidy~✒


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