Peace got Pigeonholed

Order Order Order! The scene of a courtroom flashes our minds, But this ‘Order Order Order’ is not restrained to the courtroom only , it has invaded our lives , corroded the minds and distorted our vision. The judge, The Victim, The Culprit, The lawyer, The

witnesses, all of these have found a home inside in our heads and to utter dismay we lie in oblivion of their presence, ignorant of the magnitude of damage already done by making society polarized and rusting our well-being. Consequently what we are left with is a skewed version of life and toxic views for each other.

Well to name the actual culprit i will have to typecast ( air quoted ) it into “the stereotypical judgmental” .

A little clarification before proceeding .

In social psychology,

 a stereotype is a thought that can be adopted about specific types of individuals or certain ways of doing things.[1] These thoughts or beliefs may or may not accurately reflect reality.

By the definition of it, it may seem harmless but the drawback is that our judgement based on stereotypes results in generalization of the complete individual based on a single aspect or specific ways of doing things,  which is offensive in nature . it is a label we attach to them.

Unconsciously we pigeonhole people in the back of our minds and register this technique as a mental shortcut to judge them. It can be interpreted as;

An act of picking up a single piece of puzzle and labeling the complete puzzle based on that single piece.

however the inner workings of mind reveals that it stems from our own insecurities, learning, fears, bruises, complexes & the Ego. if only we knew……..

On deep introspection we will find that we often use it to look down upon others in order to boost ourselves or to further our personal agendas.  Decide on your own that if something is originating from a negative place like this, what can the result be but disastrous.

This has penetrated our minds so deeply that it has already crossed the level of individual and interpersonal dealings. it has infected our classes, societies and nations too, it is no more just a rat of the house but has plagued the vision of the masses globally. No wonder we all have to worry about Peace, Tolerance, Acceptance, Religious harmony, Inter-faith Peace, Language bias, Racism to name a few on global level.

These global issues are simply a magnification of cognitive schemas on individual level. No doubt there are other externalities involved but they only become effective when our minds serve as a nesting place for them to harbour.

On narrowing it down from global to national level. looking at our own society we will find many underlying issues because of it, which keep getting swept under the rug. Though we worry about the magnified image of it but fail to deal with it on the level of self and family. I admit, it is very challenging to identify it on individual level as it requires a certain degree of dissociation with our mindset to have a bird’s-eye view of our inner self, it involves really deep reflection, self-awareness and courage to deal with it upon identification.

It is also important not to fool ourselves into thinking that the stereotypes are just for identification purpose and categorization and we are very neutral and fair in our dealings, if that would be the case we would be more accepting towards people from various stereotypes ( read categories) and there wouldn’t be any hatred or ill feeling. The truth is that it creates a thinking bias and that bias leads to prejudice which is sometimes pronounced and sometimes very subtle and subliminal in our dealings and preferences but is always there.

This unhealthy thinking pattern prevents us from evaluating our own attitudes and behaviors about a certain group and type of people but deep down it is a constant battle, A battle we fight about how right we are and how wrong others are. It is a constant attack and defence game within our minds.

Alternative to typecast approach is being more considerate and less judgmental, trying to look at the bigger picture and dealing others with compassion, understanding, tolerance and most importantly being at peace with the difference of opinion. WORLD NEEDS MORE OF THAT!!!

Difference of opinion is actually a healthy thing but the negative traits we carry make it difficult.

Though Arduous but not impossible.

when we will deal with the existing polarity with an open mind and a positive outlook, it will have a positive multiplier effect and in the process we will be able to learn something of value from each other despite having difference of opinion.

You have to make your own choice.

Just ask yourself few questions.

Do u like to be typecast-ed? Do u typecast others? Be honest.

i hope there isn’t any polarity in answer to that ( wink)

What are some of the hidden toxic stereotypes you believe?

Just Think! how is it shaping your behavior and attitudes towards them?

Do some self-reflection.

Meanwhile have a great day, Sip lemonade🍸 and keep cool. 😎

 -Saneya Vahidy-


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